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About Us

Men of Valor exists to challenge men to live a life with bold courage as they follow Jesus and make disciples!

Our Story

Following a men's conference in February 2016, Eric and Jordan began to envision hosting a local men's conference at their church, Liberty Baptist in Lula, Georgia to inspire local men to follow Jesus more intentionally.

Fast forward to 2020, Liberty was set to host its third MOV conference.  Friendships established through other ministries had created brotherhood with guys across the country and the MOV conference seemed the perfect site for a meeting.  The 2020 conference gave a glimpse of what MOV could be.  Travis was brought on to the executive team shortly after the conclusion of that years conference and the plans to move and grow the conference at Ridgecrest Conference Center began.  Today, MOV is much more than a yearly conference.  Our executive team is now a 4 member team and our desire to see men grow in their relationship with Jesus is inspiring us to add more avenues to disciple men.

Make sure you to stay connected with us for updates on all the new MOV content coming your way!


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